Mission And Vision Statement


The Mission and Vision Statements of the New Covenant Apostolic Churches International, Inc. (NCACI) states that:

Mission Statement:  

NCACI is a professional association of International Churches providing a supportive learning environment, resources, and tools to those who transform communities.


Vision Statement:

NCACI extends the reach of Christian Community Development across the world by providing encouragement and support for Christian leaders, serving as a place of learning, and propagation of the Apostolic faith.

We envision an association that:

  • Encourages churches to participate in community transformation.
  • Provides Support for Christian Leaders.
  • Builds a supportive learning community.
  • Has leaders growing leaders.
  • Has a strategic plan for planting churches.
  • Is a strategic influence & voice for growth in the Apostolic Community
New Covenant Apostolic Churches International (NCACI)