YOUTH PRESIDENT-  Brother Dwayne Morrison

Children are our future. With the world getting darker around us, it is vitally important, and our responsibility, to provide our children with a solid foundation in the Word of God. At NCACI  that foundation is built throughout each age level with the same emphasis as adults. Children are exposed to and taught the Word, beginning at the earliest age possible. Part of the vision of the Youth ministry is to equip the saints to go forth in the world as leaders, thoroughly established in the Word of God.


 NCACI Second Youth Conference
Date: August 1st  – August 4th, 2017
Venue: Apostolic Refuge Temple
               1151 Northampton Street
 Easton, PA 18042
For Hotel accommodation and Transportation please contact:
Brother Dwayne Morrison    (203) 870 5789
Minister Martin Lawrence     (917) 476 3826

New Covenant Apostolic Churches International (NCACI)